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The temperature and sea level are constantly rising

We have our own bottles, we fill it up and then go to work. It’s not like images haunt you but it brings in subtle changes. My story aims to tell them that it’s here and it’s happening now.    —  Sanjay MishraThe film has a fabulous story about two lead characters against the backdrop of a conversation on climate change. Rivers are drying up. All the cities are becoming concrete jungles. Policy makers can’t do much if you and I don’t support them. There’s no chill in December. The temperature and sea level are constantly rising. You can’t lecture people on this, they need to feel first before bringing in these changes.If I have to wash hands on the outdoor sets, I go near a tree.. I didn’t mind playing the bad guy in the film for a larger cause. Cinema and theatre have always been mirror to the society and today’s truth is that there’s pollution everywhere.   — Ranvir Shorey I think people will relate to the characters in the film and it will sensitise people towards the cause.     — Tillotama ShomeFor most people, climate change is an issue happening somewhere else. But it’s the individual that counts. I will be happy if this film can inspire people to plant a tree. We had to take a bath in three mugs of water.

My protagonist is 70 years old who has no contribution to any greenhouse gas emission and yet he is adversely affected by climate change.— Nila Madhab Panda. We have lost several seasons. The film hits at the emotional and economical repercussions of climate change. We are asking everyone to conserve the environment.. Here’s what they had to say. Now, we have issues if it rains too much or gets a little too cold or hot for comfort. When you look at the people languishing in that heat where he shot, it’s hard to remain unmoved. It’s dangerous. So, today even though I live in a place with water 24x7, I still can’t turn a shower on. When we vote for our leaders, we must remember climate change should be as big an agenda as job opportunity. On many occasions, I’ve driven past trees that I had planted a decade ago. We need to watch out for this phenomenon. We see that global China Modern Sanitary Ware issues like economy, job opportunities, terrorism are of more importance than climate change. In a coastal belt in Odisha, I saw a hand-pump inside sea while shooting a documentary in 2005 and the elderly there told me that those hand pumps used to be in the middle of the village. My husband often frowns at me when he sees  there is a plastic bottle in my bag. I am happy that today parents and schools are all trying to inculcate habits and thinking among kids about conserving the environment. I remember while growing up in Delhi, we faced a lot of water scarcity. Actors get happy if their films earn 100-200 crores. I know names of almost every tree and plant.The first look of National-Award winning feature film Kadvi Hawa was unveiled by the United Nations Under Secretary General and Executive Director of UN Environment, Erik Solheim recently. On the occasion, we asked the director and his star cast about their views on environment and climate change, something their movie focuses on.


The urban and municipal affairs department

Special emphasis has been given to solid waste management.The ULBs will set up a control room and designate one official as the nodal officer whose name and number would be widely circulated for information to citizens."They have been asked to deploy extra manpower if needed to remove the solid waste accumulating in the drains and choking them.The urban and municipal affairs department issued instructions to all urban local bodies on general cleaning, hospital-waste cleaning, regular road sweeping, removal of construction materials, garbage or any other debris from the road, restrictions on road-side parking, suitable illumination of roads, etc. on a regular basis.

The ULBs have been instructed to maintain the existing pumps properly and also arrange for additional pumps for cleaning the water in case of water logging due to heavy shower," a top official of municipal affairs department said..The department directed all urban local bodies (ULB) to arrange for regular cleaning of drains, pointing out that water-logging in parts of cities was a problem in the rainy season as it caused inconvenience to citizens and also Wholesale Shower Filter posed health hazards.Kolkata: The Mamata Banerjee government announced various measures for making cities garbage free and green this monsoon. Leaves of all officials and engineers attached to storm water drianage management system have been cancelled during the monsoon.A Whatsapp number will also be circulated for sharing of information and lodging complaints regarding the accumlation of waste.


The economy has shrunk

If matters are not set right, we are staring at a political abyss, not just an economic one. Wishes are not horses, and elephants will never fly.But such a description is casual; it is a serious under-representation of the reality of our times, of the period in which India is being turned into cuckoo land, of a day when people are being suckered. Those who sell the illusions know full well these will never take a concrete shape and form in the lives of the people.Going by the earlier norm, the Narendra Modi government may have produced a growth rate below four per cent, exposing its dissimulation of three years and the use of Orwellian methods to supply a rosy, flimsy narrative. They are being threatened by malevolent mobs and divided on lines of religion and caste, they are being impoverished but, for all that, they are led to believe that the authority on-high is their supreme benefactor — that he is on their side. This government did not wish to be judged by the yardstick of its predecessor and an earlier base year, which would have been more difficult to live up to. India has transmuted into a unique democracy where doublespeak and newspeak are the order of the day.

The growth rate in the first three months of the present year — which captured the data right after the official end of demonetisation, undertaken to end black money — has shown how bankrupt the official policies have been.The figures are the worst since the present lot assumed office. And if we take the "value added" figures — which is GDP tabulated in terms of goods and services made available — for the past year, then we have slipped to five per cent plus rate of growth for the economy, a steep fall of more than two per cent. The dalits are not impressed with the government kowtowing to win their votes through symbolic gestures like creating an "Ambedkar pilgrimage circuit", and are in rebellion. The backward Patels of Gujarat are on the warpath. People haven’t caught on that they are standing on one platform while the train is leaving from another. But the pall of immorality in public affairs and decrepit public ethics began to hang a long time ago, although no one was calling it out. The bubble could burst now, with the government’s own data — recently released — showing quite convincingly that all this time we have been sold a dummy. The Muslims are chafing.Three years are a long time in politics. Kim II Sung’s successors do that sort of thing in North Korea — make a dark spot look bright, and through trickery make anything half-bright appear dazzling. Quite simple.It is a curious coincidence.  Those who live in India in the present day Wholesale ceiling shower head Factory will instantly recognise their own everyday reality in this, a state of being which arises from the marked difference between what the government says and does, and what is. Nineteen Eighty-Four took three years to write and was published in London on 8 June (of 1949). Nor are they likely to in the foreseeable future, compounding the agony.We are quite decidedly not the fastest growing large economy in the world, a claim that was growing tiresome with each passing day when each of us living in the real world knew this couldn’t possibly be the case. There is "doublespeak" — knowingly employing false play on words such as "surgical strike" to lull us into complacence that "the nation’s enemies" have been dispatched — accompanied by the image of a conquering Lord Ram on stage in Lucknow with a bow and arrow, with the monkey-brigade dancing attendance.We may be living in an India that is comprehensively Orwellian, and not know it. Life has been contrived to make them live in hope. For us this is close to the bone. The worship here is strictly of the nirakaar, the formless God. In layman’s terms, on account of faulty policies, jobs have been lost, capacities are languishing and businesses are not investing.

The economy has shrunk. The rich — not just business and industry but also prosperous professionals — are being persuaded that market-oriented reforms have arrived and their businesses, indeed their country, will thrive, and go one notch up any moment.Many call it a "selfie" government, the chief protagonist clicking his own pictures, an act made easy by modern technology, in a project of driven self-projection — one day standing on a remote road in the far border region, another at the country’s highest railway tunnel, in order to surreptitiously claim authorship of vital infrastructure projects that were more than halfway up before he arrived on the scene."It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen," wrote Eric Blair, better known as George Orwell, in 1984. Right now, as we approach that very date, our rulers are in a celebration mode hyping up their three years in office — as though they had completed 30 years. Anyone you meet even in the BJP will agree, except on oath.

They are still to figure out that the government which runs on acronyms — the latest being MODI, which is short for Making of Developed India — is actually an advertising agency that sells images, cleverly-written lines effortlessly delivered and dreams of postponed greatness, which demand sacrifices in the present to ensure that Big Brother can be made to stay put on the pedestal, otherwise all bets are off.What’s grown exponentially is cow vigilantism, exhortation of nationalism, loudspeakers declaring the Opposition parties corrupt and morally bankrupt, and militarist sabre-rattling because the government has no idea how to employ politics to seek a peaceful resolution of difficult issues.And then there is "newspeak"— the high velocity propaganda (on television) carried out less by the official Doordarshan than the private channels falling at the feet of the government lest the Enforcement Directorate or the CBI come knocking on their door, as they do with leaders of the Opposition parties these days.Through crafty speechifying, the poor are led to think Robin Hood has already robbed the rich to bring moneys to shower them with gifts. This will happen when coercion is the mantra of governance. This is if we take 2011 as the base year, when the economy was in decline.


The duo got involved in a tussle

I am non-existent without the love. Dont know what the future holds for me. I embrace it. It fills my heart and leaves no place for hate. My public identity is just because of the love that you shower.Mumbai: Sunil Grover has penned a heartfelt note on Twitter, saying he wants to surrender himself to "good work and good people" following his fall out with Kapil Sharma."I just want to surrender myself to good work, good people and acknowledge my intentions genuinely," he wrote.The duo got involved in a tussle while travelling together in a flight.Sunil, 39, thanked his fans for their immense support which has given him strength even in these hard times."

It was reported that Wholesale Handheld Shower Head Manufacturers Kapil even abused Sunil and hit him with a shoe."My thanks and gratitude for all the love."Sunil, who plays the popular characters of Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi on The Kapil Sharma Show, earlier tweeted to Kapil that "Thanks for making me realise it was your show and you have power to throw out anybody, anytime.However, in the post Sunil did not mention Kapil, 35, or their altercation directly but said, "Yes, Im feeling a little lost at the moment and nervous too.


This may seem counter intuitive

Are we really listening to the planet? Last year, more than 1,600 people died due to extreme climate conditions. As inadequate monsoons become the norm in an agrarian economy driven by rainfall, groundwater levels deplete and dam storage hits dangerous lows, it’s time to step up and save the resource we all take for granted.The Indian Central Water Commission in its bulletin of April 7th, 2016 reported that the water storage in the 91 major reservoirs across the country dipped to 37. Then, the Indian Meteorological Department released a report predicting a normal to above normal monsoon and the Sensex climbed a couple of hundred points.

These measures included mandating the change of washing machines, toilets, cooling towers, shower heads, taps and industrial processes to do more with less. We refuse to acknowledge the fact that as we continue to burn fossil fuels, we emit dangerous greenhouse gases that is causing global warming, which is leading to extreme climate events like floods and droughts. All told, residents and commercial users slashed their water use to a miserly 41 gallons (155 liters) per person per day by 2010 — half the rate of 1997, when the dry period began.The twin brother of drought is forest fires. The recent fires in Bandipur forest is fresh in every one’s mind, where the the most suffering has to be endured by the most vulnerable of all creations – the defenceless animals.We need to learn from global examples, so that we are better prepared for droughts, but we are not.In May 2016, the Indian Meteorological Department declared that India must brace herself for more frequent, intense droughts over the next three decades.

It was just a year ago when I wrote about the conditions that cause drought. Of them, 700 died due to heatwave conditions. It seems that while the ground is parched, our mind is also dulled into inaction. By the time drought ended in 2010, one in three Melbourne households had a rainwater tank. Through sustainable farming and integrating technology with conservation efforts, experts say water use can be measured and controlled down to the last drop All we lack is the will. Australia’s cities and towns survived the millennium drought, through exceptional examples of urban water planning and management driven by crisis. Here we are again, looking at a dangerous dry spell again this summer across the country.The reality is here! 2016 has been recorded as the hottest year since 1901. More water also evaporates more quickly from the soil, making droughts deeper and longer. Highly treated sewage water was used to irrigate farm fields, and infusions of drinking water into bone-dry streams to help wildlife were halted. This January has been recorded as the eighth warmest since 1901.Australia also made much larger, comprehensive investments in water conservation and efficiency.. Many had built retention ponds to contribute to the urban water supply.Read: Don’t rain on Wholesale Overhead Shower manufacturer the monsoon paradeAs global temperatures continue to increase, the Earth’s water cycle intensifies even more, causing extreme drought events!

This may seem counter intuitive – but the same extra heat that evaporates water from the ocean pulls moisture even more quickly from the soil. A study done in the USA between 1970-2010 shows a direct correlation between drought and incidence of forest fires, according to Climate Central, in its article titled, ‘The Age of Western Wildfires’.The people in the Southern parts of Australia could not ignore bad news, as they went through the ‘millennium drought’ from 1997 to 2010. Phalodi in Rajasthan recorded 51 degrees Celsius, the highest ever recorded in the country. No one noticed this news last year. Or is it that we just do not have the collective will as a nation to attend to it?. Have we learnt any lessons from the last year? What have we done with these lessons?We don’t still have a widespread awareness of climate change and its devastating effects on the planet, which affects every part of the world, including Karnataka.92 billion cubic meters, which is just 24% of the total storage capacity of these reservoirs. What does this prove? We human beings like good news and respond to it quite quickly, and we like to ignore bad news.