We have our own bottles, we fill it up and then go to work. It’s not like images haunt you but it brings in subtle changes. My story aims to tell them that it’s here and it’s happening now.    —  Sanjay MishraThe film has a fabulous story about two lead characters against the backdrop of a conversation on climate change. Rivers are drying up. All the cities are becoming concrete jungles. Policy makers can’t do much if you and I don’t support them. There’s no chill in December. The temperature and sea level are constantly rising. You can’t lecture people on this, they need to feel first before bringing in these changes.If I have to wash hands on the outdoor sets, I go near a tree.. I didn’t mind playing the bad guy in the film for a larger cause. Cinema and theatre have always been mirror to the society and today’s truth is that there’s pollution everywhere.   — Ranvir Shorey I think people will relate to the characters in the film and it will sensitise people towards the cause.     — Tillotama ShomeFor most people, climate change is an issue happening somewhere else. But it’s the individual that counts. I will be happy if this film can inspire people to plant a tree. We had to take a bath in three mugs of water.

My protagonist is 70 years old who has no contribution to any greenhouse gas emission and yet he is adversely affected by climate change.— Nila Madhab Panda. We have lost several seasons. The film hits at the emotional and economical repercussions of climate change. We are asking everyone to conserve the environment.. Here’s what they had to say. Now, we have issues if it rains too much or gets a little too cold or hot for comfort. When you look at the people languishing in that heat where he shot, it’s hard to remain unmoved. It’s dangerous. So, today even though I live in a place with water 24x7, I still can’t turn a shower on. When we vote for our leaders, we must remember climate change should be as big an agenda as job opportunity. On many occasions, I’ve driven past trees that I had planted a decade ago. We need to watch out for this phenomenon. We see that global China Modern Sanitary Ware issues like economy, job opportunities, terrorism are of more importance than climate change. In a coastal belt in Odisha, I saw a hand-pump inside sea while shooting a documentary in 2005 and the elderly there told me that those hand pumps used to be in the middle of the village. My husband often frowns at me when he sees  there is a plastic bottle in my bag. I am happy that today parents and schools are all trying to inculcate habits and thinking among kids about conserving the environment. I remember while growing up in Delhi, we faced a lot of water scarcity. Actors get happy if their films earn 100-200 crores. I know names of almost every tree and plant.The first look of National-Award winning feature film Kadvi Hawa was unveiled by the United Nations Under Secretary General and Executive Director of UN Environment, Erik Solheim recently. On the occasion, we asked the director and his star cast about their views on environment and climate change, something their movie focuses on.